The McClymonts


As is the case in almost any timeworn township of regional Australia, the picturesque surroundings of Grafton in the northern NSW hinterland hold a special significance for the denizens of the city’s shady streets decked out in clouds of purple blossom. Australia’s own Jacaranda Capital is hometown and heartland for Brooke, Mollie and Sam McClymont – a place symbolic of those things in life that are really, truly, breathtakingly endless: love, unshakeable friendships, and the boundless joys of family life.

In recent years, the sisters McClymont have navigated changes and upheavals of all kinds: changes of address, changes in relationship status, entry into the thrilling world of new parenthood – not to mention the occasional change of hairstyle along the way! But it’s the constancy, the endless love, gratitude and support of those nearest and dearest to them that The McClymonts celebrate with full hearts on stunning fifth studio album Endless.

“Family comes first,” The McClymonts say, simply, of their inspiration for Endless. “We’re all married – this is the first album we’ve made when we are all married!” It’s a fact that makes for the warmest, most intensely personal McClymonts release to date.

The McClymonts have never shied away from telling the stories that make them who they are: from rediscovering the simple joy of self-belief in early favourite ‘My Life Again’, to the exquisite ‘A Woman Is A Flame’, to fresh-start anthem ‘Two Worlds Collide’. It’s this very authenticity that has so endeared the McClymonts to hearts and minds the world over since the trio burst onto the scene in 2006.

“That’s the thing with country music: you have to tell your own stories,” Sam explains. “People can see through it if it’s not genuine. So, we try to write about what we’re going through. That’s why the lyric content on Endless is so different to when we started out – we were 20 when we started out! And now, it’s so different to then, with our families and our career and making it all work. It’s all so positive right now. We do have a lot more stories to tell on this album: we are all in a good place, and that really comes out.”

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