This extraordinary album, coming in March around the 7th, which would be his 75th birthday, consists of 11 solo, acoustic songs, 2 songs never heard before, a re-working of ‘Blue Ridge Mountains’,  covers of Richard Dobson’s ‘Forever, For Always, For Certain’ and Tom Paxton’s ‘Last Thing on My Mind’, a version of a legendary East Tennessee murder ballad and five early versions of ‘Pancho & Lefty’, ‘Silver Ships of Andilar’, ‘Rex’s Blues’, ‘Snake Song’, ‘Spider Song’ and the Dobson cover. All solo, acoustic – from the legendary Hedgepeth tapes made in Atlanta. 

Fat Possum Records releasing on CD and vinyl in collaboration with the Van Zandt family. Definitely one for the devotees of Americana and roots music history. John  Lomax III